RideGC.com classifies this ride as “Iconic Gold Coast Group Ride”

Type: Coffee – Social – Free

From: Tedder Ave Main Beach

To: Burleigh  and the Spit Return to Tedder Ave

When: Saturday’s 6am

Distance: 36.5km’s

Time: 1hr 20mins

Pace: 26km/hr to 32 km/hr

Terrain: Flat

Traffic: Multiple lights – Traffic congestion – Requires some footpath riding

Risks: Traffic (international drivers) – Pedestrians (tourists) – Car doors – one way system Hedges Avenue -new riders within the group –
Typically at this time of morning the risks are less, but do increase incrementally on the return – Group riding can increase risks.

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Cancellation of the ride is posted on Ride Gold Coast Facebook at 5:15 am.

If it is raining we do not ride.

Link to Bom weather Radar

However typically weather changes quickly here on the GC and can come good, so some may still turn up, if so sort it amongst yourselves.

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An easy Saturday morning leg roll over for Coffee and Friendship

  • Suits riders looking for an easy ride after a week of training (leg loosener) before a big Sunday ride
  • Riders wanting to drop back for a while, due to injury or just need an easy ride
  • Holidaying / Visiting on the GC and want a scenic ride of the coastline
  • Riders who are looking to get fitter but currently cannot hang on to the faster groups
  • New to cycling with a reasonable fitness level
  • Haven’t cycled for a long time and looking for an re-entry point

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Guidelines to riding FBR

Rhythm and Pace are vital and everyone needs to be on the same page, before we start riding.

The Qld Road Rules must observed and always overrule anything referred to below

  1. This is a coffee ride
  2. Minimum Speed is 26km’s/hr pace
  3. Maximum speed is 32km’s/hr pace
  4. Ride 2×2 except for single file areas (below)
  5. Ride 2×2 for one block then peel off single file to the left and drift to the back and reform
  6. The new leading riders 2×2 will not stretch the pace ie. if existing pace has drifted back from say 30km/hr to 27km/hr then slowly build back up to 30km/hr if this is your pace.
  7. Pace is important and should reflect the collective pace of the entire group. Some weeks it will be over 30km/hr and some weeks it will be under, so a pace will be called to maintain rhythm of the group.
  8. As with all good group rides, they find their own unique rhythm which is the sum of the group pace and familiarity between riders. If you are new to the group then please ride at the back and learn the rhythm before taking any turns up front…it does not take long if you first pay attention to this detail.
  9. If you find that the FBR pace is to slow for you, then exit the group…Steve will be happy to connect you with another more suitable group
  10. The Spit is well known for cyclists to unleash their pace and see how fast they really are. The last roundabout is about 500 metres from the Seaway loop so fill you boots and we will see you on the loop.

Single File riding areas: 

  • Hedges Avenue heading south
  • The Esplanade Burleigh heading north
  • Footpath seaction between Kelly Ave Nth Burleigh & Hythe Street
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Single File riding areas: 

  • Hedges Avenue heading south
  • The Esplanade Burleigh heading north
  • Footpath seaction between Kelly Ave Nth Burleigh & Hythe Street

Call signs are vital to safety and enjoyment. Fun first and foremost – watch this videos

Standard stuff

FBR adhere to ALL road rules, so under no circumstances should a rider ever roll through a red light, even if this splits the group

This is a genuine no drop group ride, so for what ever reason the responsibility falls  on the breakaway group to be aware and slow or stop to ensure that the group comes back together as fast as practically possible ie a Red light split

Punctures we all stop

If any rider falls off what is the average pace, the back riders should shout out the message and then drop back to help wheel back up the affected rider, if this happens more than once then negotiate with the affected rider to “turn short” and rejoin the group at another point.

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Hard Coffee is our home base.

Dave Barron is the owner:

Coffee: Piazza D’oro

Hard Coffee Facebook Page

Iconic alfresco cafe serving the best coffee.

Hard Coffee are big supporters of cycling and FBR – please support  Dave & Hard Coffee with your patronage.

Dave contributes a lot to Gold Coast cycling and FBR.

Dave also has another cafe in Broadbeach opposite the Convention Centre “Hard Grind Coffee Retreat”

Hard Coffee Main Beach

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The FBR as with many group rides a totally cost free social ride and is not a business or organisation activity

If you ride then you do so totally at your own risk and responsibility

FBR riders are not responsible for any liability to each other or other individual rider actions that result in any type of liability

If you choose to ride then you are responsible for your own actions, interactions and any resulting liabilities or insurance liability.

Accidents can happen, so do not ride if this is a problem to you.

Traffic can become very congested at times and you will need to adjust to this.

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Hi all it’s Steve here, why the need for a tow you might ask?

I am currently going through a 6 month Chemo cycle as part of a German Cancer trial that aims to give me a better shot at life and beat the cancer that has had a pretty good lick at tipping me off this wonderful place above terra-firma.

I have only recently been through a 10 hr operation at the wonderful Gold Coast University Hospital where 7 Surgeons lead by Harold Puhala performed what is called a “whipples Procedure” What is this you might ask ? (sounded like an ice cream when I first heard the term)

They removed 2/3rds of my “Stomach”, my “Duodenum”, my “Bile Duct” (where the cancer was positioned below the liver) my “Lymph Nodes” and the “Head of my Pancreas”, and prior to this my “Gall Bladder” so not much left after that major re-plumbing job.

The operation was a success in removing the cancer but this is a very very rare cancer and the post op outlook is a 20% survival  rate over2 years, hence the reason that I am now on this trial. I am the very first participant in Australia and one of 300 hundred world wide., so crossing the fingers and everything else.

The trial is now in its third year, with  Yr 1 on rats and Mice in Hamburg, Yr2 on Advanced Tumor patients in Germany and now Yr 3 Early stage (thats my turn)

How it began for me…

It all started on my bike in October last year with what I thought was a stomach virus, I felt like vomiting and became very lethargic after the ride. After one week my bowel movements became very pale and that is when I contacted the doctors.

I began to turn yellow… a classic liver problem sign – first in the eyes and then skin followed by massive skin itching

Listen to your body – I was invincible until I wasn’t!

January 5th I suffered a near fatal aneurysm to my main hepatic artery where basically I nearly bleed out internally, and if it wasn’t for the very collected and fast actions of my wife Claire and the Ambulance recovery team, I would never have made it to the GCUH Emergency in time for a man called Tom Snow (interventionist Radiologist) who literally saved my life with minutes to spare.

I vomited up over half my blood in a matter of seconds in front of his prepared operating team, and I can tell you if you are going to coff that it up then I certainly did it at the right time and the right place and with an Tom had to terminate my artery and I lost 30% of my blood supply to the liver…I woke up 2 days later in ICU and can I tell you luck was on my shoulder

OK everyone has done an amazing job at getting me back on my feet and now its my turn to do my bit.

I am upbeat about all this, and I out there to continue to do what I love and that is riding running and meeting great people, so this is not going to be any type of medically depressed riding…jump on and lets play…its a great networking opportunity on wheels covering the best coastal landscape by bike on the Gold Coast.

I do have it in my head that I am on somewhat of a mission and that is to develop my own “Tour de Whipples” type campaign…not really sure in what shape it will be, but it will be positive and it will be unique, so stay tuned

Cheers Steve

December 2016 post op week 2

Steve Holmes December 2016

February 2017

Steve Holmes February 2017 post Whipples

On my way to Chemo- got to get into the ride state, so listening to some healthy podcasts while my daughter Georgia does the driving…not sure what makes me sicker, the Chemo or her driving?

Stevve Holmes on the way to Chemo Treatment

My weekly  4 hr Chemo filling station at Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital

Almost a runner again February 2017

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Are you riding?

Add your name to the weekly facebook post or 

TXT Steve 0415153522 

Are you riding?

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