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2012 Broken Neck: Good Stuff comes from Bad Stuff

While participating in the GC100 a group of 25 riders went down in a major spill, I did not get back up, my neck was broken. I was paralysed down my right side, from head to hip for 8 months. I still had the use of my left arm, so to keep myself in the game and distracted from the obvious, I taught myself to build a website and learn about facebook for the sole purpose of centralising all Cycling Events across NZ and Australia. Thinking there was approximately 30 to 40 events I ended up with 305 events – WOW, this was big. CycleEvents was born and www.cycleevents.com was kicked into gear. That was the beginning of what was to become an incredible life up-skilling and retraining journey. Mentally this was harder than any climb I had ever attempted. I had no tech or social media experience and the social media avalanche was just starting to roll over top of everyone in its path. I had to learn very fast and just do what you do on a tough climb, so I just buried myself into a rhythm and began grinding it out, hmmm that makes it all sound so romantically easy – it was not!

2014: A Cycling Paradise comes out!

The Gold Coast’s activity was also pumping and growing very quickly, so in 2014 Ride Gold Coast was established to specifically capture and centralise the Goldies fast evolving Active Lifestyler opportunities by bike a real infectious “Villager” culture was unfolding and I needed to be part of this magic, I needed to lift my game, belt out something “Remarkable, Resourceful, something that added Value to the whole Goldie experience by bike!

2016: I finally got to the front – Whoops wrong queue

I was flattened by a devastating and non survivable cancer diagnosis. I was unceremoniously dumped into a new treacherous journey and 20 plus hours of surgeries followed, with complications that kill – a major aneurysm with seconds to live. Crickey if the Cancer doesn’t get me then the surgical complications will, but somehow I climbed up and over that very very steep climb. So what’s next? Yip well, great that you made the climb, but you maybe have 12 months if you are lucky. So let’s have a crack at some Chemo, even though we know it doesn’t work. Debilitating and relentlessly Intense the Chemo regimes stripped me down like nothing else I could imagine, this climb just keeps coming at me . . . read more My Walk with Cholangio the Beast

July 2017 The surgeries and treatments predictably did not work

Now I was in the really deep deep do do’s with rapid spontaneous tumor metastasis across the top of my liver and launching a fast assault on my lungs. My life salt timer was now down to just weeks to days.

August 2017 Dr Matthew Burger, Oncologist + White Knight + bloody good cyclist

Matt threw me a “Hail Mary” pass called “Keytruda.” I caught it, and got back on Matts wheel, where he towed me back up a very steep climb to life in the peloton. I was one of nine on a worldwide trial to get this chance – I was the only one that succeeded. – Luck doesn’t even begin to cover this story off! Read my personal story @ www.steveholmes.net.au

Cholangiocarcinoma: A Liver – Pancreatic Combo  via the bile duct.
A Very fast and Aggressive Cellular GI Cancer with no cure and no survival rate that’s worth mentioning.

A Team of Experience, A Curative Culture and a ton of luck.

Dr Matthew Burge (Oncologist), Queensland health, Dr Harold Puhala and team,Queensland Ambo’s, Dr Tom Snow (surgical magician of life) Thank you all, I am now back running riding because of your unwavering efforts. To one other person who has no idea of his impact Dr Keong (second name unknown) – Keong you made a suggestion that set a successful ripple in motion, your effort has been rewarded, yet you are unaware of just what you have done.
Cheers Steve.
Ps I hope to catch you out there sometime
(+61) 0415153522

Cycling builds and binds us as individuals, it builds and binds our Villages. Cycling is a powerful and dynamic community on wheels.