Welcome to Cycling Paradise!

Gold Coast, Queensland Australia
A Nirvana packed with fit, healthy and insanely good looking cyclists like nowhere else on the planet! Be Smart! come pedal in Paradise with us.

Welcome to FlyCruise by Main Beach Travel Tedder Ave.

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Ride gold Coast - #Goldie5n5

Summer Challenge Idea

We are in for a sizzling summer of cycling 
Throw this challenge into your Summer mix

  • #goldie5n5
  • Climb 5 of the Gold Coast’s best in 5 days
  • Tag it and brag it

Partner(s) wanted

Classic 5 Day Surf and Turf Tour

View our proposed tour that we know will be popular for Visiting Cyclists.  This is a complete Cycling Paradise Experienced.
Develop this great opportunity with Ride Gold Coast become a partner with us on this opportunity.

Is this you – Contact Steve

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Mountain Bike

We are currently populating mountain bike group rides
If you have a ride that should be included please email / text Steve “Subject –I have a Mountain Bike group

Ride Gold Coast Cycling Kit

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