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Hmmm how would you stack up?

This is a big challenge and a great idea (sort of) … but lets hear what Chloe has to say…

“Maxing Out is a journey of 3 unlikely celebrities embarking on the ultimate personal challenge of doing their first ever Iron Distance event in the biggest long distance triathlon in the world – ‘Challenge Roth’. They are training for 150 days to swim 3.8km, ride 180km and run 42.2km all within 15 hours on one day in July.

We are documenting the physical and emotional roller coaster through Facebook, Instagram, our website and finally on TV broadcast on National Geographic. ‘Maxing Out’ parallels the challenges and rewards of training and competing in and Iron Distance Triathlon with the struggles and joy of raising a child with autism. They are doing all of this to raise much needed awareness and funds for the 4ASDKids charity which provide early intervention programs for kids impacted by autism.”

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