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A Marathon of personalities here on the Goldie

“The Key to Success, is there is no Key – Be Humble Be Hungry and be the hardest worker in the room”
Allison Cooke 2016

Geeez Alli you took the words right out of my mouth.
Over the past 18 months, it has become my profession in taking that next step, again and again and again. Very often I would be exclaiming to myself  (very loudly) “Steve just get over yourself – Get up and Get on with it!, NO EXCUSES CONSIDERED.”
I don’t think anyone ever really knows how they will perform until the rubber actually hits the road, for me it always seemed a lot easier when I immersed myself into visualising where I wanted to be . . .  it seemed to make it all real and felt secure . . .  I had slipped into an inspirational Oasis amid the torrent all around. The Oasis has a caveat, a time stamp attached to a looming convergence, when visualising collides with the now and quick decisive choices are necessary, for me there were only only two – Left or Right ! Left was the “Why me” route, opening up the door and allowing the negative hit squad to move in, or Right which was the “What’s next?” route, offering the opportunity to believe, to build, to dream without the need to prove without the need of tangible evidence, it allowed my mind to “Walk on Water” to be unencumbered and to play with the aspirations, dreams and visualisations.

My split decision went with the “What’s next” route. I am naturally very ‘Willing, Open, Optimistic and Evolutionary’ no matter how tough things get.

Allison’s reference to “Be Humble Be Hungry and be the hardest Worker in the room”  really resonates with me and I agree there is no Key, but we humans are fast learners, and we do learn from those who hold the torch high. I would like to think that I am a reasonably fast learner, and I also know that you need quality people in and around you in life, people of character, of vision and of action. It generates aspirational Hope, Vision and Environment, it allows the freedom to to dream and believe . . .  the very essence of personal evolution and achievement. I am inspired by many, particularly here on the Goldie especially when you have the quality of people such as Allison Cooke and Jenny Alcorn in the vicinity. I found it very uplifting and empowering to craft out and write down the words that keep me strong and real, they are not so much a key, but they make sense to me, these words give me strength of “Direction” – I do feel a little naked by sharing these words, but hey it’s to late for modesty now!

Be a little unrealistic often 
Do one thing a a time 
Be remarkable at it
Be resourceful with it
Add Value to it, or don’t do it!

I often talk about the very special and unique mix, a kaleidoscope of Gold Coast Personalities and Active Lifestyle options that we are spoilt with, but thats exactly what we have just witnessed over the past few weeks. The rubber really did hit the road, and we did rise to the big occasion with our unique hospitality and kaleidoscope enriching all those who came. So many individuals and groups stepped up to Help, Host and Entertain the athletes and visitors. We really are top quality Active Lifestyler ambassadors here on the Goldie.

We are the Active Lifestyle Capital of Australia.

Have a great weekend

Cheers Steve

PS apologies to all those I have not yet replied to, I am starting to make up ground !

Below is the result of what I visualised from my ICU bed. When I shared this as a goal, I was often rewarded with lots of overly polite smiles and acknowledgements – yes I knew they were just entertaining me to make me feel better whilst knowing I wasn’t going to make it past a looming coffin… I did it no matter how dam ugly it might be! and thanks heaps to all those of you that tolerated my pathetic efforts to stand -walk, let alone run or ride…ha ha I know what you were thinking…Crikey I hope he doesn’t ‘Kark it on my watch’.

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