Ride Gold Coast is the Cycling Hub of the Goldie

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About Ride Gold Coast

What do we do?
Ride Gold Coast centralises and simplifies the cycling experience by continually pulling all the good cycling stuff to the centre for your convenience.
How do we achieve this?
We have developed a unique and dynamic Villager styled Cycling Hub, a ‘Honey Pot’ of Cycling Personalities, (Villagers) Experiences and Opportunities. A Gold Coast Experience at your fingertips 24/7. RGC continually seeks out new and better opportunities and experiences to keep the Honey Pot sweet and attractive. It’s an Evolutionary thing, because thats the way of the world – besides the fact that we get to have fun hanging around with really motivated people!
What defines the RGC value?

We understand the culture of the “Active Lifestyler.

We understand the Villagers, Tribes and Villages that make it all work.

We understand the “Perceptions, Expectations and Aspirations.

We are you, we are fellow Villages ourselves with a genuine Grass Roots bottom up culture

RGC knows the dots and specialises in connecting them, you could say we are the “Michael J Fox” of Concierge’s The Goldie’s very own Cycling Concierge.
Yes we will give anything a go if it adds value to your Experience.

Being nimble, adaptable and embracing evolution in a way that generates better experience opportunities is an everyday thing.

We have strong dynamic networks with unique and interesting relationships that add to the experience value.

Who is the ideal Ride Gold Coaster?
BADASS Cyclists! and . . .  Wannabe Cyclists, New Cyclists and Businesses who Love Cyclists. It’s an amazing kaleidoscope of opportunity, experiences and personalities.

Cyclists: Any cyclists that needs connecting. We pride ourselves in providing an uplifting experience by connecting Visitors, Active Lifestyler Tourists and people that want to get a start in Cycling. This is central to our efforts. We also place considerable importance on adding value to our Cycling Village by ensuring that our local Cyclists are continually updated.  We are a family and love the close connection and Villager camaraderie.

Businesses: If you are a business that wants to reach and engage with our communities, let us know what you want. Jump on this link for More Detail

A bit of a mission

We are on a mission to develop the Gold Coast into the number ONE ‘Go To’ cycling destination in all the lands of OZ. . . Hmmm no small goals around here, but its already happening, the Gold Coast has absolutely all the ingredients and the cyclists know it. Like any good goal and ride, its a team thingy, so we can use all the badass cycling brains, brawn, creativity and determination that we Gold Coast Cycling Villagers can muster.

Start by sharing  our Ride Gold Coast Vibe www.ridegoldcoast.com/join

About Steve beyond the bike

Crumpled and paralysed on the side of the road from a broken neck during a cycling Event in 2012 was tragic  . . . but wait there’s more! –  “Terminal Cancer” – Life does not move in a straight line – is that a problem?
Life in the ‘Terminal Lane’

‘Cholangio the Beast,’ Cancers Champion Programmed Death Warrior, who leaves no survivors in its wake, made my broken neck look like child’s play!
Nearly 25 hours of surgeries, months of intensive chemo and now immunotherapy, I have recently gained the upper hand over a statically unsurvivable Cancer.
A Pancreatic / Liver Combo with no cure and no survivors

Living life in the Terminal Lane has taught me much, especially to “Live Lite – Eat Lite – Move Lite & Play Lite” ! Everyday I run, cycle, Swim in the surf, and let out the real smiles. I am no longer the loneliest person in a crowed room and absolutely love the feeling of being normal, it’s so simple but it’s the best thing ever!

Read my story @ https://steveholmes.net.au

I understood that I could not waste precious energy trying to go back to the way it was, my energy was more effective in learning to travel alongside this beast of a cancer. Cancer could not remain my a foe, but instead a new partner on a new pathway with new sunrises. I could not risk a head on confrontation against a foe I did not know or understand.

Thoughts are Things and ‘Things’ evolve to find their tangible form.

“There is an ‘Art’ to living and there is a greater ‘Art’ to staying alive, yet the ‘Art’ of all ‘Arts’ is to live a full and complete life that exceeds your conscious potential, but never quite hits perfection, as that is the inspiration for tomorrows sunrise!

Pursuing Perfection confronts potential, opens up honestly, and delivers opportunities – It maintains a healthy direction. It can be scary, liberating and overwhelming, all at the same time.

An irony of life is that the pursuit of perfection exposes the intangible for what it really is, “a new tangible – a new power,  just waiting to be acknowledged. This realisation came to me from deep within, as I struggled to reach out not just for survival, but beyond that. I discovered an unconditional willingness at my centre when all else seemed lost it lifted me up, transcending beyond limitations of the crowd”  Survival is a crowed centre – Living has space and freedom for the pursuit of the intangible.”

I write for me.

Writing helps me get over myself and to deal with the serious stuff. Writing it out of my head gives me a strong sense of control, it lets in powerful streams of sunshine that warm and inspire, lifting me above and beyond todays realities. There is nothing better, than a mind filled with aspirations.

I share my thoughts and journeys in the hope that it will somehow lift others back up to solid ground and beyond, to reach and touch their potentials and share their successes with those who follow.

There you have it – an insight in to my thinking style !
Cheers Steve

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