About Steve Holmes

Hi all my name is Steve Holmes. Originally from Waikanae New Zealand, now living on the Gold Coast Australia. I would describe myself as a passionate 'Active Lifestyler,' and Aspirational Cyclist and Runner that engages in realistically healthy living. 'Cholangio the Beast' burst through my front door and upended my reality at a speed that disoriented. I was pushed rapidly to the edge, an edge that I didn't know existed. I lost control and I desperately fought to regain some, no matter how small. I decided to get alongside this Beast and learn fast. My survival stats had me buried, my only remaining asset was how I thought - My thoughts allowed me to "BE A LITTLE UNREALISTIC OFTEN," feeding my dreams and visions, and stirring my purpose within, brightening the dimming light by allowing in small, powerful rays of sunshine that gladdened my spirit and spurred on my willingness to continue. See more @ www.steveholmes.net.au
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