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Hi it’s Steve here

The Comm Games are just about done, and although the Gold Coast over this period has been referred to as a ‘ghost town’ our family and friends have been very busy immersed in the vibrant atmosphere. We have been running swimming and riding our bikes, meeting lots of different and unique people. I think all the participants and supporters visiting here for Comm Games have really enjoyed our Gold Coast hospitality and ambience, and they themselves have added to our already vibrant Active Lifestyler kaleidoscope …. Make sure you get out there and enjoy this final Comm Games weekend. Don’t miss the Road Race in Currumbin, (and Kat going for the double Gold) – which reminds me that next weekend you can ride over a lot of the same course as the athletes in the “Ride of Duty” Event

Tony Rafter is pulling a big one and riding 663 km’s solo from Maryborough to the Ride of Duty start line and then riding a “Fixie” over the 100km event…hmmm tough stuff Tony, for me its the 50km’s course with the bag pipers and a specially label ‘Ride of Duty’ Ale at the finish line (and the burger!)… I love supporting all those diggers that turn out to clap us across the finish line .. .this event put on by the Savage family is as inspiring as it is unique in it’s camaraderie … all the event’s entrance fees and money raised goes to the small RSL sub branch in Burleigh. SUCH AN EASY EVENT TO SUPPORT and a great morning on the bike supporting the ANZAC’s

Video of the Spit Ride – checkout more under “Experiences”

Lots to dig into here on Ride Gold Coast 

Make sure you check out www.ridegc.com/experiences and also our expanding www.ridegc.com/menu as we continue to roll out and evolve all the opportunities and experiences here on the Goldie

As most of you will already know, I am continuing to make some sort of respectable come back, in cycling, running, swimming … Over the past 18 months I have had the time to work out what is important in life and maybe not so important. The most important thing that resonated with me, and kept me going was having a ‘Vision and a Passion’ they were the ‘Walk on Water’ ingredients that kept me breathing and they are now serving me well in all areas of my life. One of my overwhelming Visions is to help develop the Gold Coast into the “Go To” destination, the ‘Active Lifestyle’ Capital Of Australia.

This new GO Goldie GO format, sets out to capture everything around the cycling lifestyle that I have been so immersed in over the years. Like most people I have participated in many different styles and levels of Cycling, Running, Swimming (and much more). The choices over the years have just continued to expand and support healthier lifestyles. It’s been great to see more and more of my colleagues, friends and family continue to participate in an ever expanding range of activities. It sometimes feels like revolving doors as we all chop and change between leisure opportunities.

“GO Goldie GO essentially captures a bigger “Honey Pot” of “Active Lifestyler” Opportunities & Experiences here on the Gold Coast offering a complete picture of what makes our Gold Coast lifestyle so special.

“Ride Gold Coast”  captures the opportunities and Experiences that continue to expand and evolve our lifestyle on and off the bike . . . as I have very often said … it’s Fast and Factual, but never at the expense of FUN!

I am very aware of the latitude everyone has given me as I continue to develop and pull together all the fast evolving data that flows indiscriminately from the avalanches of well intentioned social media information. The goal has always been to create an efficient seamless hub at our finger tips, and maximising and enhancing our available leisure time, ‘BUT’ making things simple, is a very complicated and sometimes unforgiving challenge. My mistakes are many (especially in grammar) but my direction is clear and unwavering! . . . you can dig deeper into my motivations, goals and other trials and tribulations by clicking here …never a dull moment in my life – Warts n All stuff !  It all started with a broken neck – it seemed so simple when I look back on myself . . . just be positive ‘ha ha’  – Sit up – Stand up – Walk ! – Get out of hospital. . . Don’t over think it,  just do it. My next goal . . . I have always found it inspiring to know that I have another aspirational vision lined up reading and waiting  . . . and for me this was aligned to do something of real value in your life . . .  start a website about cycling opportunities, events and experiences  somewhere that was reliably up to date and easy to access . . . yip that all sounded so darn simple to me, except the immediate problem was I knew nothing about ‘Technology’ or ‘Social Media’, and i was certainly unaware of the impending Social Media Avalanche that was about to hit, and demolish all those non tech lifestylers that lay in its path. But the avalanche has presented enormous new opportunities as more and more of us catch our breath and become much more comfortable with this new fast paced ‘Social Media’ world.  As it all settles we find ourselves in a far more vibrant and uplifting environment with greater more flexible choices . . watch this space as it will only get better, despite the noise.

Thank you all for your support.

Cheers Steve
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