We cyclists need to talk more…

Hand it on!

How boned up are you?
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Do you know your hand signals when ‘Group or Bunch Riding’…they are very important in reducing risk and increasing the enjoyment of not only your ride, but those around you.

When participating in any Charity or mass participation cycling event,
1. Be aware that when cycling with other cyclists that you are not familiar with, and this will naturally increase your risk factors, so be especially vigilant and increase your following distances marginally more than you would normally allow.
2. It is almost certain that a majority of other cyclists that you will be following or cycling alongside, will not be familiar with “Hand Signals” and other aspects of “Group Riding” such as following distance and keeping your hands on top of the “Hoods” ready for unexpected braking.

Make safe decisions first and enjoyment and successful challenges and goals will follow, remember there are hundreds of other cyclists at various levels with goals aspirations and personal challenges just as important to them on a day that they have trained for and held high expectations for for months if not years…share this moment in time with them and celebrate together, events have a knack of join as strangers and emerging as friends…

Good luck

Cheers Steve