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RideGC features “The Social Cyclist”

‘Cycling Gold Coast’ style…Looking to take a cruise on your favourite road bike through the Gold Coast? Why not take a spin right here with the Social Cyclist and his Dog Rescue Plan VidClip. Catch a little of the local scenery and grab an insight into Jason’s GC world via bike.

The Social Cyclist (Jason) heads out at 5am for a 2 hour jaunt on his favourite piece of carbon before work, this may come as a shock to some, but that’s how it rolls on the Gold Coast and the habit is easier to form than you might think. The Dark winter starts are soon engulfed with the spectacular sunrises that will have you coming back for more…a visual addiction…that’s the Gold Coast for you, there is just so many things to get you out of bed for everyday of the week, and of course the fantastic kaleidoscope of cycling personalities that you will meet…

Just remember the most important thing is getting out there and peddling…its that simple

I will hand over to Jason to do his thing on this great VidClip

Cheers Steve

Ps. if you are looking for who does what and where for Group Rides on the Gold Coast then click here.

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