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A Fair Dinkum trade off 

Dom got the tow and the girls got the Chocolate Coated Banana's at the last FBR ride before Christmas.
Lucky for Kylie and Sharon that Dom works in a pretty cool place! (Belgium Delights) Thanks to Hard Coffee in Tedder Village for all the support and your new fit out has hit the bullseye with the cyclists

Make this your biggest year yet

Will 2019 be the same old same old, or will this be your step up year? Good planning works, but you need to rattle the dags and do a good empty out first.

Allow yourself to be a little unrealistic often, as this is a habit that will feed your dreams, and crystalise your vision and keeps the momentum on direction.

What we do

We centralise and simplify the cycling experience by continually pulling all the good cycling stuff to the centre for your convenience.
We are on a mission to continue lifting the Goldie Cycling Experience to be the Number 1 'Go To' Cycling Destination in all the lands of OZ! . .read more  

Share the Vibe

After 3 years of being chained to a hospital I need to power up the momentum, so can I ask you all a favour?  It would be a great help if you can Flick this sign up page link to a friend. The more RGC Villagers the better the vibe.
Cheers Steve 

RGC Strava Club

Jump on and join us, add some of your own vibe into the cycling mix. We will be utilising this fantastic resource more and more throughout 2019.

Group Rides Gold Coast 

A popular Facebook Group that is growing steadily every week. Post your group ride out or post a ride request - tell us what you are looking for.
Jump2 Group Rides Gold Coast

Group Ride Focus

Southern Gold Coast Cycling Group

By Deryck Walker
A place to connect with other riders on the Southern Gold Coast. 
Come and join the Currumbin Neighbourhood Ride every Wednesday morning, a ride up Currumbin Valley finishing with a coffee at Neighbourhood Espresso. All are welcome, whether social or competitive cyclists, local or holidaying from out of town. Jump2 facebook group 
In the Southern Gold Coast Cycling Club house you catch a great smile but also note the Award on Neighbourhood Espresso's Counter. Star CNR legend Dougal aka the vegan hammer, with a jersey full of vegan sausages.

Bicycle Market Gold Coast 

Bicycle Market Gold Coast is growing very strongly, this really is a great resource to all on the Goldie, so if you haven't been there then here is your chance Bicycle Market Gold Coast. All local shops are welcome to utilise this powerful and free community resource - Jason, Keith and myself are doing the best we can to screen out the foreign stuff. 

Currumbin Valley a Goldie Classic

79 kms Return - 49 miles

Genuine Surf and Turf Ride. Very Scenic.

Cycling up the Valley floor is an amazing transition of landscapes that will have you drooling all the way. The higher up the Valley the more it feels like you are entering an Aladdin’s Cave-like adventure. . . continue to route maps, stats and comments

Businesses Supporting our Community

Gold Coast Cycling Club goes from near brink of collapse to declaring they will be biggest in Queensland 

The Gold Coast Cycling Club has transformed itself from two struggling associations dying at the vine a year ago to one united body on track to become the biggest in Queensland. Continue reading this article by the Bulletin

Re Cap - COMMONWEALTH Games gold medallist Katrin Garfoot announced her retirement from cycling after a whirlwind international career

The Gold Coaster signed off with gold at her home Games in April, a fairytale ending in her final event at the age of 36. German-born Garfoot began competitive cycling in 2011 at the age of 29 after being encouraged by her husband Chris to try the sport and compete in a few races with the Gold Coast Cycling Club.Continue reading this article by the Bulletin

Luke Harrop Criterium Circuit 

We have just updated the RGC page for this fantastic Cycling asset here on the Goldie. We have kicked it off with this really into-it shot by Markus Forest - I am picking this was accidentally a great shot Markus? 
The facebook page for the track has also been updated, please visit it and add or tag yourself into the Luke Harrop magic. All the council details for booking etc have been updated. Continue on to the update site page for more

That's almost a wrap!

This cycling lark is bloody fantastic, the feeling of freedom and control, you can't beat it.
For me it's been a very steep and relentless climb in recent years, and I want to highlight the huge contribution that our Cycling Community has played. I have got up and over what is considered not possible, and the disciplines and camaraderie lessons from the cycling community has been significant.

Cycling builds us as individuals, it binds and galvanises amazing friendships and communities around us.
Cycling Liberates and lifts us.