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Group Ride Rules and Etiquette

Have a read of this post by ‘Henry’ a group rider to his fellow group riders. What I like about this is that this group are discussing the subject, and whether you agree or disagree with Henry’s views is less relevant than the actual discussion itself regarding their rules and etiquette on the road. This group ride is already ahead of the curve out there on the road…does your group discuss such stuff?

“Hi everyone just a overview on the ride this morning at (Name removed). It would seem that things are getting out of control on the ride so thought it would be prudent to go over some general points for the (name removed) Wednesday ride. Firstly these are only my view having ridden this ride for the last year with different people depending on the season and weather and YES I am only one person

Anyway here goes

NB: The ride is generally for those that want to ride with a bunch and would like to learn about bunch riding or improve their bunch riding skills.

1. The ride is 6 laps of a 5k circuit moving in a anticlockwise direction total 30ks for the ride.

2. Each lap has 2 people on the front doing half lap turns,,,,,i,e from the start point to left turn onto Nerang Broadbeach road where they swing out safely and let the two riders from behind take over until they change over at the left turn onto Ross street

3. The general speeds for this group is around 30-36ks for the first 5 laps

4. The last lap there is a significant increase in speed and towards the end of the lap there is a sprint for the lead riders.

5. Riders that have Tri Bars are generally welcome to come along however they MUST not use the tribars whilst in the bunch….the exceptions to this guideline is if they are on the front they must be well away from the group or they are on the back of the bunch

This morning there was an unfortunate accident and a young rider went down…..some factors to consider are as follows:

A. On lap 5 on the second change over on the front. Riders believed that they were on the final lap and there was a significant increase of speed from 37ks to a top speed of about 47 ks.

B. This caused some unrest within the bunch as those that have ridden this ride for many years and those that are new to the ride were not ready for the explosive increase in speed.

C. This may have caused an increase in fatigue for riders thus impacting on their ability to maintain situational awareness and to make safe decisions

Points to take from this are as follows:

i. Please ensure that you KNOW what lap we are on and consider what happens if you choose to increase the pace on the wrong lap.

ii. If you wish to do a faster lap do so on your own and let the guys on the front know that you are doing so they DON’T follow you up the road.

iii. Lastly remain aware of your surroundings and also if YOU ARE ON THE RIVET please be safe…….there is no harm in letting them all go by….there is always another day.

Please feel free to comment or provide feedback as I AM just as guilty of pushing the pace as well.

Henry (surname removed)”

Some content removed as this is a private group discussion

Well done Henry for getting this out there, I hope your group came to a good understanding, as mental telepathy can only take you so far ie when you are riding on your own, after that if you are riding with one other or twenty others, some discussion needs to take place…



If you are one of the group members and would like to add something ie how did this discussion work out, or if anyone else has a positive and constructive view point then bang a comment in the comment box below or post it directly onto our RideGC wall

Please post only positive and proactive comments to help build better ‘Group Rides’ here on the Gold Coast

Cheers Steve