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Finally I am back on Deck!

Hi it’s Steve here, I would firstly like to make a public acknowledgment by dedicating this first edition since 2016, to Dr Matthew Burge a very unassuming, talented and committed  Cyclist and more importantly Oncologist at RBWH. Matt quite literally pulled a rabbit out of his hat and saved my life against all the odds. I have cheated death over an unbeatable cancer, thanks to you Matt, you wheeled me back up into the slip stream and comfort of the bunch. I know that words in themselves can never seem enough, but Matt please consider this just the starting point. THANK YOU MATT.

I really hope you all enjoy this new format, as it’s certainly a step up for me. I will continue to pursue my vision to see the Gold Coast as the “Active Lifestyle Capital of Australia”… the GO TO HOT SPOT for the Active Lifestyler. This is a vision and aspiration above and beyond my skillset and it “will take a village to raise this child” but as we all know we have the quality villagers to pull this one off and create the reality, please join my journey and help make it so.

“GO Goldie GO” essentially captures a bigger “Honey Pot” of “Active Lifestyler” Opportunities & Experiences here on the Gold Coast offering a more complete picture beyond cycling.

I am a proud Gold Coaster and your Concierge.
Call/message or email me anytime