The Temple of Tempo. It’s easy to fix if you follow one simple rule…

“What would Stouty do?”

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G’day everyone, it’s Von Dork writing. Some of you might be aware I’ve been injured this past 6 weeks but people have been keeping me in the loop regarding recent events. This article comes about after a passionate discussion with Stephen Goodall (1976 Olympian) last night on the subject of The Temple of Tempo.
Even though I grew up in Southport, for as long as I’ve been living at the northern end of the Gold Coast (which is from April 1996) the Bayview Towers location has been the start point for training rides. The pendulum has swung over the years with regards to how hard core those rides are. But never quite so far towards novices as it has recently
On a Wednesday, the last 4 years have shown a consistent theme…. if you’ve got 16 guys say, and they’re all swapping off comfortably, the speed is what it is. …continue